I figured out my calling over 25 years ago starting with a fresh water aquarium when I was only 13 years old. Soon I moved on to saltwater aquariums and I was amazed with the many different species and variety of fish. Once I moved on to “Reef Aquariums,” I new I was hooked! Ever since then Aquariums and marine life became a passion of mine until I graduated with a degree in Marine Biology and a Minor in Chemistry in 1998.

After working with different companies in the aquarium industry, I started “Reef Solutions” in 2006 to provide innovative, creative, and quality sustainable practices to the aquarium industry. With an extensive background in Biological systems and filtration we can meet the needs of any project large or small, commercial or residential to provide optimal living conditions for aquatic life.

We offer a variety of services including freshwater and saltwater aquariums, Koi Pond filtration, Aquaculture systems, Public Aquaria system Design, and Live seafood systems. We work closely with each client within their budget and expectations.

We create unique habitats that will enhance your interior space regardless of the area . We offer our knowledge to commercial and residential clients along with complete and affordable maintenance service plans for your aquariums. Free estimates are provided for initial consultations.