22906611785_d415811766_oACRYLIC AQUARIUMS

All of our aquariums use ONLY high quality acrylic to ensure maximum adhesion and tensile strength bonded by our highly skilled Acrylic master craftsman. We provide Acrylic Aquariums that can be built into almost any shape or size, and can easily be refinished if they are scratched. We only use high quality acrylic made in the USA that offers excellent clarity, impact-resistance, stronger, safer than glass, resistant to temperature fluctuation, UV, salt and above all easy to clean.



Our acrylic restoration experience will bring the life back to any acrylic surface. Our restoration services include acrylic aquariums, viewing panels, animal exhibits, boat and yacht industry. Our restoration specialist have years of experience and countless hours on restoring plastics. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our representatives for more information.

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