22718569090_485377eb50_oWhat you see is what you are eating when it comes to live lobster systems in a restaurant. The reputation, health, and quality of your food comes from the appearance of your lobster system. The first impression your patrons are seeing is how clean the lobster system is. A dirty and milky white lobster tank can cost you customers.

Reef Solutions has had extensive experience providing the country’s premier lobster and seafood restaurants with design of new systems, maintaining existing lobster tanks, as well as refurbishing existing systems to meet high quality standards you and your customers expect from your restaurant. We employ moving bio bed technology in our custom lobster systems as opposed to standard bio filtration methods to insure optimal water quality and optimal stocking densities.

We are trusted by the largest seafood/steakhouses in the city. We have an impressive list of referrals to provide you with and we pride ourselves on providing systems that allow you to display vibrant healthy lobsters with very low mortality rates.

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